How To Disable Pop Ups in Chrome 2019

This video by TechRuzz just saved the day for me, so I’m passing it along to you as well as saving it for myself to use the next time pop ups start driving me crazy. Thanks so much TechRuzz for sharing this video with us!


Colors for Adult ELL

Here’s a brief video on colors for adult beginning English-language learners. I hope your students enjoy learning from it! Best wishes!


Adding a Scrolling Marquee to New Google Sites

Follow TechyCoach’s instructions to learn how to use Google Slides as a scrolling marquee on your New Google Site by clicking on the following video:

I followed the simple and easy-to-follow steps, but continually received an error code when I tried to put the embed code on my website.

Aw Snap! Something went wrong while displaying your document.
To continue, please reload your browser
Error: Client Error

I was able to add a link, but the marquee did not look or function the way it was supposed to. I needed to use the embed code.

By searching Google, I found that I was not alone in my despair, and I was able to resolve the problem by following the instructions given by Simply Me (PE Google Sites):

“Most ‘Aw Snap’ issues, could be solved by proceeding the following troubleshooting steps*:
*If you have any ad blockers installed please disable as we see issues with them frequently.
Thank you so much, Simple Me!!”
Here’s a screenshot of my newest Google Site with the successfully embedded scrolling marquee added.
I hope you, too, will be able to enjoy using scrolling marquees on your new Google Site!

Clothing: A Beginning-Level Vocabulary Lesson

This presentation gives the names of a variety of clothes for students to study and practice either alone or in the classroom. Additionally, it gives the students the opportunity to distinguish between “this” and “these,” and “it is” and “they are” or “it’s” and “they’re.” As the lesson progresses, students should anticipate the questions and the answers following the question and answer patterns. If the students have already learned their colors, these clothing items could reenforce the colors and the syntax used to ask and answer color questions, as for example, “What’s this?” “It’s a red blouse,” or “What color is this blouse?” “It’s red.” The lesson ends with ten conversation questions and an opportunity for questions from the students. This could be done orally or in written format.

Simple Present & Simple Past

A Conversation Exercise for Comparing and Contrasting These Two Tenses

Simple Present and Present Continuous

A Conversation Presentation on the Form and Usage of These Verb Tenses

The Present Continuous – Part 3

This video for adult beginning ESL students shows the three most common uses of the present continuous tense.