My Thanksgiving Tribute to Technology

Wordle.jpgI am grateful for…

  1. …Facebook, Skype, email and instant messaging which have made communication with my friends and family wherever they are fun, cheap, and easy. No more goodbyes but rather “talk to you soon!”
  2. …Google for giving me access to all the information I could possibly need or want, and for making it easier and easier to find the answers to my questions.
  3. …storage clouds like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive for helping me to keep my computer clean and share information with family and colleagues easily.
  4. …iTunes, Pandora, and YouTube for free access to my musical life support.
  5. …Snapchat for showing me the silly side of my adult children.
  6. …iMovie for helping me make movies I am proud of without a great deal of technical knowledge.
  7. …iPhone for letting me carry my computer and data with me wherever I go, and for waking me up on time!
  8. …Prezi and Power Point for being the tools I use most for my presentations, and Pear Deck and Nearpod for making my presentations more accessible and interactive for my students.
  9. …Twitter and my ever-growing and ever-changing PLN for being constant sources of information and professional development.
  10. And lastly, I am grateful for my family and their patience and encouragement as I learn to use the new technologies and share what I learn with my local and global colleagues and students.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!        happy_thankskigiving_5

Wallflowers in the Online Classroom Via

The study found that visits to discussion boards correlated with student success. But the students didn’t have to post—they just needed to spend time there.

Source: Wallflowers in the Online Classroom

Teaching the history of Thanksgiving with Pear Deck

Click on the picture for a very complete lesson from Pear Deck, which teaches the history of Thanksgiving while developing all the major language skills. Many of the writing exercises could be done orally individually or with partners.


Receiving someone else’s gmail? I am! Here’s the scoop.

Using Halloween and Disney’s Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance, a 1929 Disney Short, to improve language skills

1. Tell the story showed in this Disney cartoon from 1929.
2. Brainstorm 10 different verbs you can use to explain the actions in this classic cartoon.
3. List 10 different nouns that you see in this cartoon.
4. How many different adjectives and adverbs can you use to describe what you see in this cartoon.
5. What colors would you add to colorize the different items in this cartoon?
6. Write 10 different questions to ask about what you see in this video.
7. What is your favorite Disney cartoon? character? Why?
8. Have you visited Disneyland or Disney World? Write a paragraph about your visit there.
9. What do you know about Walt Disney? Do some research to tell us about his life.
10. Investigate some of the changes that have been made to the Disney Corporation since Walt Disney died, or haven’t there been any changes?

How to punctuate URLs and abbreviations at the end of sentences – Chicago Manual of Style


I found this online post to be most helpful concerning punctuation of sentences that end with URLs or abbreviations. I thought I would pass the information on to you.

Podcasts via@ESLlibrary



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