My Upcoming Wiki for ESL

I’ve decided that my next “creation” will be a wiki for Advanced ESL. Rather than putting everything on Blackboard, I will keep my resources in a wiki similar to the edtec4matc wiki. I will ask other instructors if they’d like to collaborate on it with me, adding to it resources for grammar, reading, writing, pronunciation, and whatever else is necessary. It will include videos, links to exercises, links to lessons using web 2.0 applications, ESL blogs, and whatever else that would seem appropriate and worthwhile. Actually, I’m excited about developing this idea. Perhaps it could evolve into becoming an online course, or perhaps it will be a legacy. We have to leave something worthwhile behind when we leave.  We’ll see.

One Response

  1. Okay. This sounds like an interesting idea, but you’ll have to hold my hand!

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