Using Animoto in Education

At our edtec4matc class yesterday, I demonstrated via Free Technology for Teachers the simplicity of using Animoto.  I showed an Animoto of my students, A Few of the Greatest. We talked about using Animoto to showcase student activities or to simply connect the students to other members of their class via photos.  Then we moved on without really pondering the value of this technology pedagogically.  Since then I’ve thought of more ways to use Animoto, and I will be glad to post some of your ideas if you’d send them to me.  Here are a few of mine:
1)  as a visual accompaniment to a presentation;
2)  as a preview to an upcoming unit;
3)  as a review of activities in a completed unit;
4)  as a visual vocabulary review;
5)  as a promotion for a field trip or upcoming event;
6)  as illustration to a blog post;
7)  display steps necessary to complete for a project;
8)  give a visual tour of a new environment, new classroom, new building, new city;
9)  photographic review of history;
10)autobiographical student introduction through photography;
11)and many more limited only by our imagination and creativity.

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