Twitter Jitters or Just Over-Stimulation?

twitterbirdThis morning I awoke feeling nourished and stimulated from last evening’s unusually large dose of  Twitter (I watched TV with my husband and my computer last night).   But, I was also hyper and fixated on getting back to my “tweeps.”  Despite the incredible amount of brain food I took in last night, I realized that Twitter should come with a label that says, “Not to be ingested within 2-3 hours of bedtime.”   Although I knew my computer was safely hibernating, all night I had flashes of Firefox going down with links being lost and material going unread, of comments on blogs needing to be written before it was too late, of posts waiting to be recommended before they were irrelevant, of videos having to be added to my wiki before they were lost,  forgotten or worse– deleted , etc., etc., etc.  Was this the Twitter jitters, or was it just over stimulation before bedtime?  Yes, I truly love “using” Twitter, but let’s see what happens if I put it away before 8 PM.

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