An Invitation to View Glogster

RT@abfromz if you and your sts like #glogster, join us in this project please RT

This was the invitation @abfromz extended to her personal learning network (PLN) this morning (our time), asking us to retweet this to our PLN.  So, by way of Twitter and this blog, I’m extending her invitation to  you.  @abfromz is from Croatia, and she has asked her students to teach other people about their beautiful nation using Glogster.  Click on this link to take a look at what they came up with

Once you take a look at this class glog,  you’ll see that this idea would also work well with our students.   Invite your class to check out  @abfromz students’ work.  See if your students don’t suggest a similar project for themselves!  Essays, pictures, video, audio, maps, newspaper clips, and just about anything imaginable can be uploaded to make a presentation informative, interesting and attractive.

Response from @abfromz:
@ritasimsan Thnx for the RT:-) will you #glog with us?
@ritasimsan and thank you so much for writing about us on your blog, please join us 🙂 http://ritasimsan.wordpress…

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