Jan’s Picture in Life Magazine “Jealousy”

jealousy & Jan

I love this photograph of Jan in Life Magazine that has become synonymous with jealousy.  It gave me the idea that it would be fun to teach the vocabulary of emotions by selecting photographs exemplifying those emotions from one of the many photo sharing sites such as  Flickr, PhotobucketPicasaPhoto Peach .  Then, to help the students see the benefit of that same technology, we can photograph them dramatizing other vocabulary and show them how to upload the pictures (with students’ permission of course) to the same site.  As a follow up, the students then have to look for other pictures of target vocabulary using the search element available in those sites.  All these pictures can be posted in a vocabulary Power Point or blog available for student study and linked to their Blackboard site.

Because these sites do not exercise censorship, students may be exposed to  pictures deemed inappropriate for the classroom.  This should be discussed prior to the exercise.

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