Using Online Visual Dictionaries to Find the Correct Spelling

The word “dictionary” has a whole new meaning now with the online visual dictionaries available (Lexipedia, Visuwords, and Wordnik to name a few).  Introduce your students to some of these new dictionaries by having them find the correct spelling of the following words.  Divide your students in teams.  Have each team use a different dictionary.  After the correct spelling of the words is found, have the students tell about the dictionary they used, i.e., what they liked, what they didn’t like, what was unusual, if they would use the tool again, etc.


1.  a) Mileunium b) Milleunium c) Millennium
2.  a) Dumbell b) Dumbbell c) Dumbel
3.  a) Seperete b) Separate c) Separate
4.  a) Necessary b) Neccesary c) Necessary
5.  a) Minniscule b) Miniscule c) Minuscule
6.  a) Accommodate b) Accommodate c) Accommodate
7.  a) Occurrence b) Occurrence c) Occurrence
8.  a) Embarrass b) Embarrass c) Embaras

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