Sesame Street Turns 40. YouTube Helps Us Remember…

Many of us have grown up with Sesame Street.  Others of us remember Sesame Street as an educational partner in rearing our children that on more than one occasion babysat while we attempted to get other things done or to just take a breath and enjoy the show with our babies.  Whether here in the United States or in many other countries around the world, Sesame Street has been there to give our children a good start in reading and number literacy, rhythm and melody recognition, and at learning to accept others and themselves.  Happy birthday to Sesame Street, and may you have many, many more successful and creative years ahead!

Thanks to Google technology and YouTube, we’re able to recapture some of those joyful moments of Sesame Street with the click of the mouse.  Here’s one of my favorites with Andrea Bocelli and Elmo.  If you want to find some of your old favorites, go to YouTube, and in the Search box, type in Sesame Street.  See what comes up!  If you’re looking for a specific performer who guest starred on the show, in the search box, type in Sesame Street+ name of performer.

Good luck!  I hope you can retrieve a favorite episode and a favorite memory as well!

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