Crazy English!

We speak the same language, but sometimes we don’t have any idea what the “bloke from the other side of the pond” is saying.  Let’s see what you think.  Match up the British word with its American equivalent.

1.  cozzy                  a.  bacon slice
2.  pram                   b.  pharmacist
3.  rasher                 c.  swimsuit
4.  starkers               d.  baby carriage
5.  surgery                e.  lawyer
6.  chemist                f.  naked
7.  solicitor              g.  doctor's office

1.  c)    2.  d)    3.  a)    4.  f)    5.  g)    6.  b)    7.  e)

Now, just a few questions about the way we use our English:

  • If money doesn’t grow on trees, why do banks have branches?
  • What disease did cured ham have?
  • Instead of “All things in moderation,” shouldn’t it be “Some things in moderation?”
  • Why is it called quicksand when it sucks you down very slowly?
  • When French people swear, do they say, “Pardon my English?”
  • What hair color do  you put on your driver’s license if you have no hair?

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