Thinking of Trying a New Web Tool with Your Students?

Friends working togetherAre you thinking of teaching your students to use a new technology?  Be sure to test it out with a family member, friend, or colleague first!  Just like having a test student in Blackboard to see your course through the eyes of a student, you’ll need to test out your web tools as a student prior to taking it to your entire class.  Unfortunately, unlike Blackboard, signing in to a web tool as a student on your own computer can be next to impossible, so enlist a buddy to pose as one of your students prior to taking it to your class.  Just  “one little box” that you forget to click on can make the entire assignment a fiasco, and trying to find that “little box” when you have a whole classroom of students waiting for you to find it and fix it, can cause even the most technologically secure instructor to pale. So, as we advise our students to find a “study buddy” to work together with in their classes,  find yourself a partner to work through new web tools with.  Even better, develop a cohort of faculty interested in exploring new technologies.  While helping others prepare to use new web tools in their classes, you’ll be learning the in’s and the out’s of the tools as well!  One last thing, if possible, try to get into the computer classroom where you’ll have your class so you can try it out (on several of the computers) prior to the arrival of your students.  Make sure the computers are set up the way you need them to be.  Try to eliminate as many surprises for you and your students as possible when starting something new.  Just a suggestion…

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