Earlier I posted a video about the H1N1 flu from BrainPOP, an award winning, curriculum-based site BrainPop, developed by Dr. Avraham Kadar, M.D., an immunologist and pediatrician, as a creative way to explain difficult concepts to his young patients.  But, I didn’t give you any information about the latest addition to this site.  BrainPOP for ESL is an educational resource featuring games, lesson plans, activities and animated movies currently in BETA form for level one ELLs.  It is designed for K-12, but our adults can benefit as well.  This would be a great site not only for developing English skills but for getting students started on the computer as well.  Language/memory games such as Concentration are perfect for helping the students learn to maneuver the mouse.

BrainPOP ESL focuses on reading, writing, vocabulary building, grammar and pronunciation.  There is an opening video for each of the five lessons with or without closed captions.  The lessons consist of word lists and flashcards, phonetics help, grammar charts, hear it and say it lessons, printing lessons, listening exercises, and comprehension quizzes. There are Teaching Tools to assist the instructor in using this and expanding it in the classroom.

Currently, this only exists for level one students.  Hopefully, more lessons will be added soon.

Have fun with this!  Your students will!

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  1. Hi Rita,

    How wonderful to see your post about BrainPOP ESL! Since we’re new, we know that not everyone knows about us yet, so thanks for helping to spread the word. Another important thing is that BrainPOP ESL is free for this school year while we’re in our beta phase. We hope everyone takes advantage of that. We’re adding new lessons continuously, and level one will be complete in January. The program will take students to an advanced level of English competency in all four language skills. Everyone’s welcome to contact us with questions or feedback.

    Beverly Fine
    Editor & Director of Outreach
    BrainPOP ESL

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