The 12 Days of Technology-Day 1: Twitter

On the first day of technology, my Personal Learning Network (PLN) gave to me…Twitter.

I thought that at this point in the year it would be appropriate to make a list of my top ten web 2.0 technologies to summarize my own findings as well as to share those findings with others.  However, since I had so much fun doing the 12 Days of Christmas singalong, I thought I’d follow suit by doing the 12 Days of Technology featuring one tool per day between now and Three Kings Day (El Dia de los Reyes).  Maybe on January 6th, the Kings will help me discover something new.  In the meantime, maybe I can help you discover something new to use in your teaching and learning journey.

Which tool do I start with?  Rather than working from my number 12 tool up to the number one, I thought I’d start off right away with the tool that I considered the most essential to me as an ESL instructor and a student of technology.  That tool is Twitter.

Most people with little knowledge of the power of Twitter think of it as a social medium through which people communicate nonessential bits of information somewhat anonymously to people they don’t know and don’t care about.  What I have found Twitter to be is a most powerful tool of communication that enables me to meet and network with educators globally.  That in itself would be exceptional, but Twitter additionally serves easily in the classroom for a multitude of purposes such as backchanneling, polling students (PollEverywhere), as a simple 140 character tool for the students to share their sentences/ideas using new grammatical structures, and for connecting the students with educational resources around the world.

@tombarrett from Nottingham, England consolidated  a variety of ideas from educators in a Power Point  about how they use Twitter with their students:  27 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom Let’s see if sometime soon we can add some of our own ideas to this shared document.

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