The 12 Days of Technology-Day 4: and Social Bookmarking

On the fourth day of technology, my PLN gave to me:

On the first day of technology, my PLN gave me Twitter.  On the second day of technology, I learned about blogs and blogging.  On the third day of technology, YouTube, was “my gift.”  On the fourth day of technology, I learned where to file all those blog articles for safe keeping, that place being in the clouds in a social bookmarking website called!

For those of you who are new to cloud computing and web 2.0 technologies, is a social bookmarking site that allows you to save links in your browser as well as in the cloud, and it allows you to share links with a network of people.

Signing up and using is easy!  Once you register as a user, you’ll add buttons to your browser so that with a click of a button you can tag and save a link for future reference; with another button you can add a sidebar to your browser to quickly search and browse the bookmarks and tags in your browser;  and with a third button you can tag a new bookmark, tagging being a system of  your own keywords or descriptors used for organizing or categorizing and sorting links for easy retrieval at a later date. bookmarks are not only saved in your browser but in the cloud as well.  What does that mean? Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet (  While allows for buttons to save links in your browser, also saves the links “in the cloud,” so that these links are accessible from anywhere you have Internet access.

Should you keep these links to yourself?  Another benefit of social bookmarking sites such as is that it allows you and your network to share your resources so that you can have a continuous flow of new and interesting information coming in.  Although you may mark your links as private if you wish, if you allow your links to be public, members of your PLN can sign up to follow your bookmarks and you can sign up to follow theirs.   Some blogs also have sidebar widgets that allow you to include your most recent bookmarks to your blog.

There are other social bookmarking sites that you might like to try such as Connotea, Citeulike (research), Diigo, Digg, Reddit, Jumptags and StumbleUpon each having somewhat different features.  Take a look at them and find out which one is right for you!

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