The 12 Days of Technology-Day 5: Google

On the fifth day of technology, my PLN gave to me:  Google.  And Google, to borrow a phrase, is a gift that keeps on giving!  We’ll start off with the video version of  the Google Story, and then take a look at all that Google is – today!

Google Alerts – Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience.

Google Calendar – Share your schedule, get your calendar on your mobile phone, get customizable reminders either by email or as text messages, send invitations and track RSVPs with your calendar, sync with your desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal and Mozilla Sunbird; work offline because with offline access, you can view a read-only version of your calendar no matter where you are.  Fabulous.

Google Charts Lets you dynamically generate charts.

Google Chrome – Google’s browser

Google Dashboard – Review & control the data stored in your Google account.

Google Dictionary – Access online monolingual dictionaries in many languages as well as bilingual dictionaries.  Very handy!

Google Docs – Read “Using Google docs in the Classroom:  Simple as ABC”  And here are some templates that you can use.

Goog-411 Get the telephone number of any business for free

Google Goggles – Allows you to use pictures to search the web.

Google Groups – Is a service from Google that supports discussion groups, including many Usenet newsgroups, based on common interests.

Google Maps – Create personalised, annotated, customized maps using Google Maps.  The maps can contain placemarks, lines, shapes, descriptive text including HTML, embedded photos and videos, and can be shared.   Here are some ideas for using Google Maps in the classroom: 100 Things to do with Google Maps Mashups from the Google Maps Mania Blog

Google News – Gives you aggregated headlines and a search engine of many of the world’s news sources.

Google Pack – Free software selected by Google and ready to download as a package.

Google Reader – web-based RSS feed reader

Google Safe SearchGoogle’s SafeSearch screens for sites that contain explicit sexual content and deletes them from your search results.

Google Sites – A free and easy way to create and share webpages from dozens of pre-built templates.

Google SquaredGoogle Squared takes a category and creates a starter ‘square‘ of information, automatically fetching and organizing facts from across the web.

Google Voice – gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, free US long distance, low rates on international calls, and features

Google Wave – Communicate and collaborate in real time.  Request an invitation! – Your screen divided in four google search parts.  You figure it out!

igoogle – Your personalized start page or portal.  I use mine as an RSS feed reader.

Now, do you feel Googled?

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  1. The 12 Days of Technology-Day 5: Google .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  2. Hope it was helpful! Stop by again sometime.

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