The 12 Days of Technology-Day 7: Jing

On the seventh day of technology, my PLN gave to me: Jing, another tool that has been invaluable.  Thank you PLN!

Jing is a free screen-capture program developed by TechSmith, the maker of Camtasia.  It facilitates collaboration by allowing you to share what is on your computer screen as an image or a video of up to five minutes in length.  The images/video can be easily marked with simple screen tools to help you explain your ideas, give/get feedback (on students’ homework, for example), collaborate or share documents or information.  You can save up to 2 gigs of your work in your own account on and get a link to share through email, Twitter, Facebook, chat, wiki, or a webpage.  Of course, you can also save it to your computer.

Jing is easy to use.  It has several excellent video tutorials and the explanations are given in terms a technology novice can understand.  There is a help center as well as a blog replete with detailed images to explain answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The steps for using Jing are simple. Once Jing is downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac computer, the “sun” icon stays ready at the top of your screen so you can size and capture whatever you need, including video.  Then, you mark your screenshot with a basic text box, arrow, highlight, or rectangle to add emphasis or explanations.  Choose where to send or save the image, and you’re done!  It really couldn’t be much faster or easier. If you’d like, Jing can be edited using Camtasia or Snaggit.  It can also be upgraded to Jing Pro allowing you to capture webcam presentations and upload your videos right to YouTube.

Here’s a brief overview of how Jing works demonstrated by Sterlingteaches:  The Jing project- a free screen capture program.

This program might sound too good to be true, and only something a techie would be able to use.  But, it isn’t!  Play with it a little to see what you can do, and you’ll be surprised at the uses you come up with for it.  Share your ideas.  Let’s see how many different ways we can all come up with!

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  1. hey this nice post and also bookmarked your site to look for more updates…thanks.

    • Thank you! I appreciate your dropping me a note to let me know you stopped by! Best wishes for a happy 2010! ~~Rita

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