The 12 Days of Technology-Day 11: Glogster

On the Eleventh Day of Technology my PLN gave to me-Glogster.  When I first heard about Glogster, I thought, “What a bizarre name!”  With Glogster, you create glogs.  While I still think the names are somewhat bizarre, the tool is not.  It is an amazing and powerful tool for developing interactive posters, allowing for creative displays or presentations that can combine traditional learning with music, text, pictures, and even video.  Students can integrate media they love into their work to make projects uniquely their own.  To protect students from unseemly content, Glogster created the EDU portion of its site.  There students can still make their learning dynamic, and they can safely share it locally with classmates and globally with other English language learners and even with their family and friends back home.

So why would I, an ESL instructor of adult students, have my students use very limited class time to work with Glogster? I’d use it because Glogster is a simple-to-use web tool that allows my students the opportunity to explore, learn, and dialog about technologies integral to 21st century learning, technologies they will need to understand and benefit from if they plan to continue their education; additionally, for my students who are parents, they will be better prepared to assist and support their children’s learning.

What skills will they learn with Glogster? They’ll need to upload media including pictures of their own or from sites such as Flickr or Picasa, they’ll embed self-made or downloaded video from YouTube, TeacherTube, or SchoolTube, they’ll record themselves speaking and embed the audio in the glog, they’ll search for information to post on their glog using Google Scholar and they’ll create text using Microsoft Word. When they’re finished with their poster, they will link it to the department’s student Ning page to share with their community of learners.  Will this help them in their quest to communicate more effectively?  Will it be worth our precious class time?  You bet!

Following this article are links that have been shared by educators to get us started using Glogster:

Detailed Tutorial on Glogster EDU

Glogster Tutorial

How to Use Glogster


SJCCTeacherResource Wiki

Glogs: Virtual Online Posters

H1N1 Glogster

Glogster EDU-SchoolTube

Extreme Makeover: Web Addition

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