A Prezi Presentation: Using Twitter to Develop PLNs

I had read so much via Twitter and blogs about Prezi, also known as the zooming presentation editor, but I had never given it a try.  What was unique about Prezi was that, instead of using the traditional slide after slide method of presentation, it used a non-linear approach that zoomed and spun in and out of  text and graphics.  But, I  simply just hadn’t had the time or the need to try it out for myself.  I knew it wouldn’t be too complicated since it was a web 2.0 tool, and web 2.0 tools are known to be user friendly usually with great tutorials.  And what’s more, they almost very often have a  free educator’s version, which Prezi does!  So, when preparing to give an in-service on using Twitter to develop personal learning networks, I decided to give Prezi a shot.

I realized almost from the first step that using Prezi was going to be fun.  There were a few templates to choose from to get me started which included backgrounds, fonts, and colors.  Then, my task was to put my information on a virtual canvas and create a visual map of it. Right away I saw how easily I could embed pictures and video along with the text.  The main editing tool, the information zebra, helped size, spin, and move objects.  Editing and revising the material or map couldn’t have been easier!  What’s more, while giving the presentation, I could zoom in and out, go back and forth among items, and make impromptu momentary changes in “the plan” without difficulty.

So, while I know there is more for me to learn about using Prezi, I feel like I’m off to a good start and look forward to experimenting and developing better and better Prezis.  Have you tried it yet?

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  1. Hi Rita,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Prezi. I’m working at prezi to help introduce ways Prezi and education can work together. I hope you’re experience was a good one.
    I can be reached at patrick.wenger (at) prezi (dot) com

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