Our 1st Paperless Earth Day

This year was the first year my ESL department promised to do something to recognize the importance of Earth Day. What did we do?  Several of us used computer technology instead of printed material, several of us used books already printed instead of asking students to use up any new paper, and some did classroom activities either using the overhead or whiteboard.  So, as is often the case, some of us relied on “old” technology and some on “new.”  Whichever was the case, we did not use up or waste any new paper, and it was a great start.  So, while Earth Day actually celebrated its 40th anniversary around the world, our department started a new tradition of acknowledging Earth Day and encouraging ourselves, each other, and our students to think of the earth’s needs as well as our own.  Next year perhaps we can put something even more special and unique together, but this year we took our first step, and I congratulate all involved. 

From Hugh, the cartoonist:

A Tribute To Earth Day.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, She may not be happy right now, but she’s all we’ve got.  Let’s take care of her.

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