What Adult ESL Students Want in a Teacher-Part 1

Have you ever wondered how your idea of a good teacher compares to your students’ idea of a good teacher?  In preparing for the upcoming fall semester, I began to think about what my adult ESL students thought were important traits in their instructors (as well as how I would measure up).  So, I’ve decided to ask them just that as part of my opening activities.  But first, I’ve made my own list of what I anticipate their answers to be.   My plan is to compare my “assumptions” to their responses.  I’ll repeat the same question to the students at the end of the semester to see if there are any changes knowing that for some of them, this will be their first experience in an American classroom as well as their first exposure to second language pedagogy.  I will then include their final criteria in my course/instructor evaluation at the end of the semester.  So, here goes with what I think they their initial list will include:

1.   The teacher comes to class prepared to teach.
2.   The teacher knows everything there is to know about the English language.
3.   The teacher gives the students practice speaking.
4.   The teacher doesn’t talk too much or too fast.
5.   The teacher gives homework, but not too much.
6.   The teacher returns homework the next day with all the errors marked.
7.   The teacher cares about the students.
8.   The teacher arrives to class on time.
9.   The teacher gives students extra help when needed.
10. The teacher uses technology and helps students learn to use it.

Now,  what do you think your adult ESL students want in an instructor?
Please click on the link below to add your own ideas!

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