Feed Your Brain and the World!

Feed your brain, and help feed the world by visiting Free Rice.   While you’re feeding your brain with information on a variety of topics, you are also donating 10 grains of rice for each question you are able to answer correctly.  Currently the rice is going to Pakistan where food is so badly needed due to the recent flooding.

The game is addictive and fun.  Choose your questions from a variety of topics such as Art, Chemistry (chemical symbols), English (grammar, vocabulary), Geography (identify countries on the map, world capitals), Language learning (French, German, Italian, Spanish), and Math (basic pre-algebra and multiplication).  There are sixty levels of difficulty.  The difficulty increases as you continue to get answers correct.

“Addictive, yes. But . . . each correct answer results in the donation of rice to help feed the hungry around the globe. Perhaps that qualifies the game as a good addiction . . . one with redeeming qualities, something that’s, oh, didactic and edifying.” – Kansas City Star

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