Profiles of Life and Learning on Glogster EDU

This semester my Advanced ESL adult students will summarize and synthesize their learning by developing a glog on Glogster EDU to profile their lives and learning, which they will present to the class at the end of the semester as a final project.  If they will allow me, I will then post their glogs on our ESL website ( to share with the other students as well as a sample or two in this Web 2.0 for ESL blog to share with you.

I’ve taught this course several times now using Side by Side Book 4 as our textbook.  Of course, as all teachers, I do something different each semester, but this semester I’ve decided to hit hard on the use of technology to enrich and supplement student learning.  And, I have to say, my class seems thrilled albeit a little intimidated.  They are happy to have the opportunity to develop better computer skills, explore new Internet tools, and express themselves and their recently acquired English skills in new, creative and challenging ways, but some are wondering if they will have the ability to pull it off.  Because I am requiring the use of so much new technology, I have made myself available to this group of students an extra hour after each class for help or practice with the tools.  I am fortunate to have an hour to work with them after they have finished their courses for the day.

I’ve started off  this project by getting each student his/her own account at   I requested and received 25 subaccounts attached to my account, one for each student and one for my own “test student.”  The test student I created to check my instructions to the students by being able to sign on as a test student and see the site through a student’s eyes rather than only seeing the instructor’s page and guessing what the students “should be able to see” on their own pages.

Glogster EDU then sent  nickname codes and passwords for each student in a “message” on my Glogster EDU Dashboard.  I missed this the first time around, and when I didn’t receive the message as an email, I thought I had to assign passwords to my students.  This was a false step that I was able to rectify easily with the forgiveness and cooperation of my students.  Once I realized what I had done and after testing the new “codes” on my “test student account,” I assigned each student an account, gave each a typed copy of their userid and password, and asked them to test the codes by signing into their accounts.  There was only one problem associated with the codes, and that was in deciphering an “l” from a “1.”  If the students were successful at logging in, I asked them to transfer the userid and password info onto a form I had given them at the beginning of the semester to record all userids and passwords needed for different web tools used in my class this semester.  Then their first assignment was to take a few days to explore and get to know Glogster EDU and its tools, sampling the different tools and options, picking out “walls” and perusing the many different glogs already created and published.

The students will be receiving a “creativity prompt” for each chapter we cover during the semester, and I expect each item to involve either written or spoken English and an artistic presentation of the prompt.  I expect it to involve a video, picture, drawing, or other type of image with either audio or an article attached.  Each prompt will involve a grammatical structure or structures presented in a specific chapter, and will be graded on the correct structure usage and creativity of presentation.  The prompts will revolve around life and learning in their homeland and here in the United States.

This is their first prompt:  Compare your life before coming to the USA to your life now in Wisconsin.  Use past tenses to speak/write about what your life was like for you in your homeland and present tenses to talk about what your life is like now in Wisconsin.   You can use video, photos,  drawings, music or other media to illustrate your comparison.  I’ll be looking for correct English usage and a creative method of presentation on Glogster EDU.  Have fun creating!

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