A great movie trailer for Halloween, “The Others,” with comprehension quiz on Google Doc Forms!

Enjoy the trailer of  “The Others,” starring Nicole Kidman in this eerie film just perfect for the Halloween season!  When you finish, answer the questions by clicking on the Comprehension Quiz link below the video.  Now, sit back comfortably, and let’s begin!

To check your understanding of the video, click on the Comprehension Quiz.  Good luck and happy Halloween!

A Note to Teachers about Google Forms:
When a student takes the quiz, the answers are put automatically on
a spreadsheet in the teacher's Google Docs file.  Students can be
provided with a link to that spreadsheet to see how his/her answers
compare to other participants' instead of receiving feedback in the
form of graphs.  If necessary, the quiz can be edited through Google
Docs.  By asking for a student's email address on the quiz, the
teacher can also give personal, individual feedback which is
preferable for responses to essay questions if/when a student's
language development is an issue.

Google Forms cannot yet be embedded in WordPress.com which is why
a link to the quiz is provided.

For more information:
Google Docs Forms in WordPress.mp4

Google Docs Forms Tutorial

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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >A great movie trailer for Halloween, The Others,
    with comprehension quiz on Google Doc Forms! | Web 2.0 for ESL
    <Liked it!

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