Using the Flip Cam

Well, here’s my first attempt at using the Flip Cam I bought myself last week as a present.   I decided to make a movie of my students!  I wish I could say I that I did it all in just a few minutes…but, I can’t.  Putting the movie together and adding background music was really pretty easy thanks to the Flip Cam software, but after waiting about 45 minutes for it to upload to our Facebook page, it was essentially rejected because it took forever to load.  Humpfff!  Then, I tried to upload it to Teacher Tube.  Again, after about 30 minutes, no luck, I assumed, because if its size.  So, I decided to edit it to make it shorter.  I realized that it was pretty long, but I just loved watching the students and didn’t want to delete anything, especially not the “bloopers”  which showed everyone’s personality, good sense of humor, and beautiful smile.  Once I had begrudgingly cut off about a minute and a half of the video, I still had trouble uploading it to Teacher Tube, so I decided to say the heck with it and go to YouTube, which was actually my first choice. I had originally decided against using YouTube as the platform for the video because I knew that students could not watch YouTube videos on the computers at school due to the large amount of bandwidth needed for that.

But, at last, it’s done and posted on our MATC ESL Facebook page for the students and here on this blog for you.  I learned a little about videoing and about not talking while videoing (yes, that’s me with the mid-western accent you’ll hear not so much in the background).  I also learned a little about editing using the Flip Cam software and more about uploading video to Facebook, Teacher Tube, and YouTube.  So, it really was a good day’s work.

I expect to continue to have a lot of fun with this camera, and I hope the students will, too.  I know they’ll enjoy seeing themselves and sharing the videos with their families and friends.  I’ll try to find creative ways to integrate more student videos in my classes, and I hope the students will also find ways to incorporate video in their class projects, specifically on their final projects on Glogster.  (See Profiles of Life and Learning on Glogster EDU.) Who knows what else we’ll come up with?  But, you can count on following our progress here on Web 2.0 for ESL!

Just a footnote:  I showed my classes the video today, and it was quite a hit!  Besides watching the students enjoy this learning event on video, I was especially happy to hear other students ask  the question, “What class was this in?”  I like my students to be happy learning and to feel good about spending what precious little time they have away from work and family, on campus.  And, yes, I have watched this video at least 100 times because it makes me happy as well.

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