A Wiki Resource for ESL-Rita’s ESL 4 U

Over the past few years, many of my adult ESL students have asked if they could continue to access the links I’d put on Blackboard when our courses ended, and I would tell them to copy whatever links they wanted quickly because our Blackboard sites were soon to be deleted.  Now the link to this wiki, Rita’s ESL 4 U, will be the only link they’ll need to copy, and my plan is to continually update the wiki so it will grow as the students’ needs grow.

Alongside each link you’ll see  a level:  level 1 is to indicate that the link is appropriate for beginning ESL/EFL students, level 2 for low-intermediate ESL/EFL students, level 3 for high-intermediate ESL/EFL students, and level 4 for advanced students.  Some of the links have not been given a level yet, but stay tuned.  I’ll get there!

This wiki, Rita’s ESL 4 U,  is designed to help students journey through their English language learning.  To the ESL professionals who have worked so hard and been so kind to share their efforts online so that students around the world who want to learn English can, I thank you on my own behalf  and theirs.  Truly, you make me proud to share this profession with you.  To you, my students, I hope this wiki, made up of the work of so many, will help you develop your English language skills and that you will happily pass this information on to others who are also striving to learn English.

Happy learning!  And remember, your input regarding this wiki will be gratefully received so that it can continue to improve.  Thank you in advance for your help!

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