Embedding Prezi in Free WordPress Blogs

Once again I’m in search of a way to embed Prezi presentations in this and other free WordPress blogs.  Google always seems to have answers to my questions involving technology thanks to the many good people around the world willing to share their solutions .  But, while I have found various “solutions” to this problem, apparently it isn’t “nice to fool Mother WordPress.”  Whereas short codes and Vodpod apparently worked as solutions previously, they do not work any longer.  So, the best I can do is use Jing to take screen captures of the presentations and link them to the Prezi site.  It isn’t really that cumbersome; it just isn’t as efficient as I wish it could be.   Do you have a solution for this that you’d be willing to share?  Thank you!

One Response

  1. Very good question Rita. I’ve wanted to know this myself…Hopefully some one will chime in and “enlighten us”

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