ESL Rocks!

Why does ESL rock?  Because we have…

  1. …students who really want to learn.
  2. …students who support and encourage each other in their learning.
  3. …instructors who work as a team.
  4. …instructors who work with each entire person, not just with the “reading” student or “composition” student or even just the “ESL” student
  5. …instructors who genuinely love and respect their students, and have that love and respect reciprocated.
  6. …opportunities to teach with new technologies and are encouraged to do so.
  7. …administrators who value creative approaches to learning.
  8. …a P/E/U grading system:  P-passes to new level, E-has made good effort, but needs another semester in this level (not punitive), U-unsatisfactory (which is usually not used.  Most of us drop our students rather than put a bad mark on their record).
  9. …opportunities to meet people from all over the world and hear first hand their experiences with their governments and societies
  10. …the opportunity to collaborate and learn with English language teachers all over the world.
What could be better?!  Yes, ESL rocks!

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