TESL Touches Souls

We’re off to another great semester!  The students, from more than sixty different nations, have come to us to learn English.  Why?  Some of their reasons for studying English are to go to a university here in the U.S., and finish graduate degrees or start undergraduate degrees; many hope to improve or upgrade current job possibilities by improving their English and taking technical courses; mothers and fathers alike want to be able to better help their children with their homework; some simply hope to improve their opportunities to participate in the American society;  and the list goes on.  The students range in age from 18 to 70 years old and bring with them a gamut of knowledge and life experiences that I can only imagine.  I have so much to learn from them!  In turn, I and my colleagues work to give our students the tools they need to communicate in English in order to develop in them strength and self-confidence  so that they will become American citizens and gain an improved sense of self-worth through participation in the mainstream culture.   We will endeavor to model for them and inspire in them the desire to be lifelong learners.  We strive to build bridges of peace by instilling in our students the ability and the willingness to communicate, work with, and live among peoples from countries around the world including those who have been considered “their enemies” for many, perhaps hundreds of years.  We teach English as a second language, but we strive to do so much more.  In TESL , we have the opportunity to touch souls as our students continue to touch ours.

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