Inspiration in the Ashes

Sometimes the universe shakes us so suddenly and violently
that we lose our grounding and stability;
the world that we know
crumbles to the ground,
and we are left in the ashes.

These tumults
are cataclysmic to our sense of self and security.
When we finally catch our breath,
we gather our strength, get our bearings,
and determine a new course.

With strength, patience, and grace, we find
inspiration in the ashes.

Then, together with
renewed energy and a new purpose,
there is–
a metamorphosis.
And we find our voice once more.

2 Responses

  1. Very Beautiful…love this Ms. Rita

    • Thank you, Margarita. Perhaps you have experienced something similar in your life and have not only made it through the difficulties, but come out stronger and more focused on what is important. My best to you–Rita

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