Pecha Kucha for Novices

I just came across this not-so-new blog article referred  to as a crash course in Pecha Kucha, “Six Things about Pecha Kucha,” written by Canadian Lindsay Clandfield, an English teacher, trainer and  author of Six Things.   This article reminded me of a personal challenge I promised myself to take on this semester.  And while I’m at it, I’d like to present this challenge to you, my colleagues out there, who also haven’t experimented with this form of presentation yet.  If your knowledge of Pecha Kucha is minimal and your curiosity piqued, I refer you to the video, Pecha Kucha Training Bite for a quick demonstration and tutorial.  It will only take six minutes and forty seconds because that is the time limit for a Pecha Kucha presentation.  Watch the video, and imagine how you can use Pecha Kucha to present material to your classes in small bites, or imagine how your students could utilize this format for their classroom presentations.  The time limit keeps the presenter focused on what needs to be said because of the finite period of time allotted each slide (yes, the Power Point is on autorun), and this short amount of time, (20 seconds per slide or six minutes and forty seconds in total)  fits within the concentration time limits of our students.  It seems like a win-win to me! As you read more about Pecha Kucha, you’ll learn that there are Pecha Kucha events in cities around the world.  How about at your school?  Why not have a Pecha Kucha brown bag luncheon to share trips you’ve taken or events you’ve attended.  What a fun way to share information without putting each other to sleep.  No longer does it have to be “death by Power Point!” Here are a few excellent and varied samples of Pecha Kucha presentations.  I think you’ll like them! A Tale of Two e-Patients-Pecha Kucha Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides This one all teachers will appreciate:    Lindsey Clandfield’s Pecha Kucha “Technological Inventions for Teachers” Do you have any experience with Pecha Kucha that you’d like to share?

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