Weekly Performance Self-Assessment for Students

This self-assessment on Blackboard should take each student no longer than five minutes each week.  By recognizing the weekly “energy”  they put into their learning, students should begin to see a correlation between this “energy” and their weekly academic achievement.

1.  True or False     I attended class each day this week.

2. True or False     I was in class from (8:00-8:55) each day without arriving late, leaving early, or leaving class to answer a phone call or use the washroom.

3.  True or False     I completed all assigned work for this class.

4.  True or False     I spoke English, watched American television, or worked on the computer in English a minimum of three times this week for at least 30 minutes each time.

5.  True or False     I studied English with a “study buddy”  at least once this week.

6.  True or False     I got  _____ out of _____ points ____ on this week’s quiz.

We’ll see if helping the students stay on target each week helps them reach their language goal a little faster and recognize more aptly the power they have over their own learning.

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