The Snow is Coming! – A Voki

Voki is a free application (with a paid option) for students and teachers to get creative with.  Students like developing their own characters and changing their looks as often as they change their own appearance.  Teachers are able to communicate with their students (and vice versa) in a new and even entertaining way through their own avatar or even a “special spokesperson.”  I like to use my own photos as backgrounds, but Voki provides a variety of different backgrounds to choose from as well.  The free account allows our characters to speak for sixty seconds either in our own voice or a computer-generated voice with a variety of different accents.  The company has recently integrated an educational site with available lesson plans for a variety of courses and grade levels along with sample vokis shared by educators from around the world.  As you see, the product is easy to embed in a blog or in a website (such as Google sites), and I recommend that you put this terrific application in your technology sandbox to get acquainted with!

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