Thanksgiving Word Games


With all the cleaning, shopping, cooking, baking, and other important tasks necessary to get the Thanksgiving meal on the table, we can’t forget that Thanksgiving isn’t all about work.  Keeping that in mind, here are a few games to remember the season and exercise our brains. (We’ll  exercise our bodies after the dinner!)

Do you like Trivia?  Here’s a Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz to help all of us learn more about the history of our Thanksgiving holiday.  (I hope you score better than I did!)I

If you enjoy word searches, here’s a Thanksgiving Word Search with seasonal vocabulary.

Jumbled Thanksgiving words will test your vocabulary skill.  This Thanksgiving crossword puzzle will also be a challenge.

Here’s a fun activity to do with your children or young students.  Click on the differences in the Thanksgiving pictures.

This Thanksgiving Anagram is a little tough, and you’ll have to print it or project it onto your whiteboard.  But, it’s a good vocabulary builder and brain teaser.

Here’s an interactive jigsaw puzzle which is not only great for those of you who like to assemble puzzles, but for you who need moreeatfish practice using the mouse.  Plus, when the puzzle is completed, you’ll have an illustration of a great veggie tray you can put together for Thanksgiving. So, I guess this will stimulate your appetite and your mind!

The Holiday Zone has a variety of interactive word games to help you celebrate Thanksgiving.  Many thanks to them and to the other creators of these activities.


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