What’s in Your Town?

I use these pictures for high beginning ESL conversation and employ questions such as the following:

  1. What does the building look like?  Describe it.
  2. Is it a business or a government office?
  3. What is it for? Why do people go there?
  4. What different kinds of work do people do there? What do they call people in those jobs? (sales clerks, secretaries, judges, etc.)
  5. Do you ever go into a building like that?
  6. Is there one in your town (city)? Where is it? How do I get there?
  7. Is there public transportation for me take there?  What kind? How much does it cost?
  8. Do you live in a house, condo, or apartment? What does it look like? How many rooms does it have? Do you rent it or own it?
  9. What is your address? What is your telephone number?
  10. How do I get to your house (apartment, condo) from here? Please give me directions.

For higher level students, some of these questions or versions of these may be appropriate:

Simple past:  Did you go to the _____________ last week?  What did you do there?
Present perfect/simple past:  Have you ever gone to a __________? (Short answer: Yes, I have; no, I haven’t.)  What did you do there?
Future using present continuous:  Are you going to (planning to) go to a _________ this week? What are you going to (planning to) do there?
Conditional 1: If you go to a __________ this week, what will you do there?
Conditional 2: If you went to a _________, what would you do there?
Conditional 3: If you had gone to a __________ fifty years ago, what would you have done there?

Key to items on slides:
Slide 3:  Gas station
Slide 4:  Grocery store (supermarket)
Slide 5:  Barber shop
Slide 6:  Shoe store
Slide 7:  Bakery
Slide 8:  Shopping mall
Slide 9:  Parking garage
Slide 10: Sports stadium (American football stadium)
Slide 11: Museum
Slide 12: Library
Slide 13: Movie theater
Slide 14: Cafe or restaurant
Slide 15: School
Slide 16: Church
Slide 17: Mosque
Slide 18: Court house
Slide 19: Fire department
Slide 20: Police station
Slide 21: House
Slide 22: Condos
Slide 23: Neighborhood

Additional Resources:  
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ESL Vocabulary Quiz – Occupations

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