USA Holidays

July Holidays

Independence Day:  Fourth of July

US Citizenship and Immigration Services:  Lesson Plans and Activities

Happy Birthday America

Today in History-July 4th

Why Do We Celebrate July 4th?

New York Fireworks

June Holidays

Father’s Day

ESL Father’s Day Lesson

Father’s Day ESL Wordsearch

ESL Father’s Day

Idioms and Set Phrases with “Make” (Topic: Father’s Day)

11 Funny Quotes to Celebrate Father’s Day

Flag Day

Flag Day Lesson

ESL Flag Day

US Citizenship Podcast

Flag Day

The Best Sites for Learning About Flag Day

May Holidays

Memorial Day

Memorial Day lesson for ESL Students

Memorial Day Quiz

ESL Holiday  Memorial Day

Memorial Day – ESL Word Search Activity

ESL Memorial Day Vocabulary Practice

Mother’s Day

ESL Mother’s Day Lesson

ESL Holiday  Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Family and Relationships: Online English Quizzes and Worksheets including online word searches and crossword puzzles

ESL Vocabulary Quiz:  Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Grandparents’ Day

Mother’s Day-ESL Resources

April Holidays


ESL Quiz-Reading Comprehension:  Easter


ESL Holiday – Easter

Canada ESL – Celebrating Easter Around the World

Easter – Online Exercises, Games and Worksheets

Easter Quiz

ESL Vocabulary Quiz- Easter

Children’s Online Easter Games – This is a fun way to improve your English! Don’t be put off by the British accent! That’s where OUR English came from!

Just in Time for Easter-Chocolate ESL Lessons!

March Holidays

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Interactive Games and Activities

February Holidays

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Lesson

ESL Vocabulary Quiz for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Quiz

English Lesson Plan on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Hearts-(Heart Idioms)

Conversation Questions about Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Links

December Holidays

New Year’s Eve

ESL Quiz – New Year’s Eve Phrasal Verbs

New Year’s Lesson


Christmas – New & Fresh Ideas: Games and Activities

Video Listening Quiz: Step into Christmas

Thanksgiving Sites

ESL Holiday Lessons – Thanksgiving

ESL Thanksgiving

Recommended Thanksgiving Resources

Thanksgiving from the

Thanksgiving Thoughts: Last Minute Ideas for the Classroom

The First Thanksgiving

Fun Thanksgiving Songs

Veteran’s Day

The Best Websites to Learn about Veteran’s Day

Halloween Sites

100 Horror Movie Spoilers

31 Halloween Carved Pumpkin Pictures

Chilling Cinematic Scenes to Teach Verb Tenses

Cybrary Man’s Halloween


Halloween: Spot the Difference

A Hallowe’en lesson with a difference >> urban legends and critical thinking

More Halloween Resources

The Monster Mash

This is Halloween – A prepositions gap fill exercise

Here’s an interactive zombie movie:  Editing the Dead

A great movie trailer for Halloween, “The Others,” with comprehension quiz on Google Doc Forms!

World Cup Activities

Accent Reduction Learn English Lesson #20 – World Cup!

Akon-Oh, Africa (A music video with beautiful colors!)

Civilization: South Africa

Country and City Word Puzzle from English Media Lab World Cup – How Much Do You Know?

EFLClassroom2.0 World Cup Resources for Teaching

ESL Quiz – The World Cup

ESL World Cup Fever Game 1 on ESL Imaginarium

European Football-Soccer includes rules, field diagram, and history

Games & Activities for the ESL/EFL Classroom

Inspiring soccer docs.

The World Cup – Elementary English Spelling Quiz from

The History of World Cup Football on the  ESL Teachers Board

Listen a Minute 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup-32 Special Lessons

Mashable Nike’s “Write the Future” Video Full length video (3.03 minutes)

Preparing for the World Cup A picture show in the Boston Globe

Students Fight Prejudice with Drama

Teaching ResourcesWorld cup 2010 – South Africa via My English Pages

Top Ten Football (Soccer) Games

Video Listening Quiz: Waka Waka This Time for Africa

“Waka, Waka” by Shakira – Online Gap Fill Quiz

World Cup 2010 Online English & Numeracy Games and Quizzes

World Cup Activities

World Cup Bingo templates

World Cup Qualifying Countries: Alphabetical Order Quiz 1

World Cup Quiz: EFL/ESL Lesson from Get English

World Cup Resources for Teaching

World Cup Theme – ESL Exercises centered around the World Cup 2010 via Teacher Planet

World Cup 2010-Word Search Activity

World Cup Update Videos, slide shows, and more

ESL Resources –  Home

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