Using Regular Simple Present Tense Verbs for ESL

Here’s a short video I made to help my beginning adult ESL students (and perhaps yours) understand and use the pattern of regular simple present tense verb conjugations to improve their ability to comprehend and communicate in English.

“To Be” Simple Present Questions and Answers on YouTube for Adult ESL

Here are some basics for using the “to be” verb in the simple present tense, questions, and short answers, affirmative and negative. I hope this can help your adult students.

Subjects, Subject Pronouns, and the Verb, “to Be” for Adult ESL Beginners

Presenting the English Object Pronouns with Spanish Assistance

Changing Singular to Plural Nouns

Here’s a great reference sheet for you and your students. Thank you to Woodward English!!

Present-Tense Verb: “To be” for ESL/Bilingual Education

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“To Be” Verb in the Simple Present – A Chart