An ESL Advent Calendar

Click on the ornament and then the date every day between now and Christmas to celebrate life and this beautiful world! Each day will give you something new to ponder. Most of the links are not religious per se but may give reference to the Christmas holiday. Share the links with your students, or share the entire calendar, and merry Christmas to all!
Advent Calendar

How to Entertain Ourselves on a Snowy, Wintery Day

A Fun, Easy, and Happy Thanksgiving Song

One last thing to help you celebrate Thanksgiving…my favorite Thanksgiving song, which in its own way reminds us not to take life too seriously.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Using Thanksgiving Humor to Teach Language & Culture

Thanksgiving moo

turkey estate




These cartoons are great for eliciting conversation with the high-intermediate and advanced students and for gaining insights into their cultural awareness.  Why do the students think these cartoons are humorous to Americans?  Would they be equally funny in other cultures? Are they offensive in any way?  Are they relevant to any current issues in the world?  If so, do they express a viewpoint? What can they imagine might have happened prior to the event in each picture?  What might have followed?  Might there be a different punch line?  Are the cartoons absurd or realistic?  Why are they connected to the Thanksgiving holiday?  Elaborate.  What would the students suggest as an idea for a cultural cartoon?

waveturk02Happy Thanksgiving!

For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston

Boning up for my annual error correction conversation!  Enjoy!