An ESL Advent Calendar

Click on the ornament and then the date every day between now and Christmas to celebrate life and this beautiful world! Each day will give you something new to ponder. Most of the links are not religious per se but may give reference to the Christmas holiday. Share the links with your students, or share the entire calendar, and merry Christmas to all!
Advent Calendar

Once You Have Met a True Human Being

Once you have met a True Human Being, let him not disappear from the horizon of your Heart.

– Rumi

Ask your students to explain what this quotation means. Ask them to define what Rumi meant by a “true human being.”  Why do they think this picture was chosen to accompany this quotation? Do they agree with the choice of image? Why or why not? 

What do your students know about Rumi? Locate where he was from on the map. When did he live? What was the world like during Rumi’s lifetime?

Is there anyone your students could name as an example of a “true human being? Who and why?

What Does Failure Really Mean?

Good for class discussion, research, writing, and/or oral presentations. What does failure really mean? What words do the students think are synonymous with failure?What can we learn from failure? Can we learn without ever failing? Who is Brian Acton? What was his failure? What happened to him after his “failure?” Can you name anyone else who “failed” and became, not only rich and famous but one of the world’s most influential people? Is it possible to change the way we feel about failing? Might there be a more positive way to refer to failure? Take a look at the video below, and then find out more about these “failures,” their life stories, and that of other “failures” you may be familiar with. ​Maybe after this discussion, the students can come up with a different definition of what failing really means.


Wallflowers in the Online Classroom Via

The study found that visits to discussion boards correlated with student success. But the students didn’t have to post—they just needed to spend time there.

Source: Wallflowers in the Online Classroom



Wisdom from Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers

“Often, when you think you are at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else,” Mister Rogers.

I’m so glad he was in my neighborhood.

Picasso’s Meaning of Life