SU 2010-2011 Edtec4matc in Review on Animoto

Here’s a brief video summary of what we looked at in this summer’s ER&D course, Educational Technology: Exploration & Implementation. I enjoyed having class with you the last five weeks and want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me.

Have a great vacation everyone followed by a wonderful upcoming school year full of creativity, collaboration and sharing! I’ll be reading your blogs and watching for your updates!


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A Teacher’s Guide To Web 2.0 at School

After watching this slide show below by Sacha Chua, I hope you will feel excited about the possibility of adding Web 2.0 technology to your classes. Don’t worry about starting BIG. Find one idea to work with, find a colleague or partner (I volunteer!) to work through the technology with you, and then go for it! Invite that someone to be in your class when you present it to your students. Not someone to judge you, but someone to support you and help you get the students going. Think of this person as an extra set of hands and feet to go around the room with you and help keep everyone on track. Then, after class, sit down with that person and “debrief,” i.e., what went well, what were the problems and how they can be fixed either for the next class or for the next time you present the technology, and what the next step will be that you need to take with the students. Think of this new web technology as a new place  to explore, and it is a lot more fun and less intimidating to explore with a buddy.   Of course, you will prepare well before you head into this “new territory,” but once you’re there, it is a lot more comfortable sharing the experience.

If you are MATC faculty and interested in taking a “mild” class to learn about some of these technologies, sign up for my ER&D one-credit course which will start on Thursday, February 25 and will run for five weeks from 3:00-5:30 right here at South Campus. Put it on your calendar. It’ll be fun and a great way to get your feet wet with other novices. As requested, if you took the course last semester, this one will have a new course number with some new technologies so that you will be able to take it for credit. I’ll look for you there!

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My Upcoming Wiki for ESL

I’ve decided that my next “creation” will be a wiki for Advanced ESL. Rather than putting everything on Blackboard, I will keep my resources in a wiki similar to the edtec4matc wiki. I will ask other instructors if they’d like to collaborate on it with me, adding to it resources for grammar, reading, writing, pronunciation, and whatever else is necessary. It will include videos, links to exercises, links to lessons using web 2.0 applications, ESL blogs, and whatever else that would seem appropriate and worthwhile. Actually, I’m excited about developing this idea. Perhaps it could evolve into becoming an online course, or perhaps it will be a legacy. We have to leave something worthwhile behind when we leave.  We’ll see.