Watch Your Time with Online-Stopwatch!

Recently teachers have been asking me about timers to individualize instruction and put students on timed tasks at different points during the class period without losing track of the allotted time for each one.  But, rather than buy equipment, I encourage everyone to try one of my favorite online tools, .  It couldn’t be simpler to use, it is easily accessible on all computers with Internet access, and it offers a variety of fun online timing devices such as egg timers, time bombs, alarm clocks and more.  Online-Stopwatch can serve as a timer or a stopwatch with a long ring, short ring, or no ring at all.  It has fifteen different sound options (applause, air raid siren, laughing, horse race bugle, and more) if you want to add variety to the alarm sounds.  It even has a metronome if you want to keep the students on a steady rhythm for those grammar raps or chants!  Additionally you can decide to use a full or small screen, digital or analog format, and it can be set to time one person/one group or two people or two groups whichever is needed.  Online-Stopwatch is piloting a “stay-on-top application” that be downloaded to be used without needing an internet connection.  It is designed to stay on top of all open applications to help easily keep track of the time.  Another option for using Online-Stopwatch is to add it as a gadget to your iGoogle page and set it so that it continues to keep time even after leaving that page to work on a different site or application.  Best of all Online-Stopwatch is a free application and with the budget constraints most of us and our schools are working under, any time we find something that helps us work optimally without incurring additional costs, we have a win-win situation!

Real English

Real English is gold for ESL because it contains short videos for all levels of students which focus on bits of language and culture.  The language portion is supported by the cultural information shown in the video-almost like being there.  What’s more, the video includes clips from a variety of English-speaking countries and sub-cultures as well as helpful notes to teachers.  Did I mention that it’s free?