Free Webinar: Creating Even More with Google Drive by Kyle Pace

A Listening Activity – Let it Go! from Disney’s Frozen

Frozen just won the Academy Awards for the best animated film of the year and the best song! Woohoo! Congratulations!

Kaizena-Adding Voice Comments & More To Google Drive

Thanks to Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers, Kaizena is now an integral part of my Google Drive toolbox.  Kaizena, which means “good change,” allows us to leave voice comments on a Google doc which is a great help to our students but also to us for collaboration.   With this new tool, we won’t have to type out all our comments unless we want to!  That is an option, however.  And, there are many other options such as color coding our comments as Stacey Behmer explains in this video tutorial.  Stacey also explains how to tag our comments to help our students visit different sites to strengthen their skills or add to their resources.

This is an exciting new application to enhance our work on the Google Drive and a helpful tutorial full of ideas.  All of us who use the Google Drive with our students or in collaboration with our colleagues will definitely want to add Kaizena to our Google toolbox.