Happy Halloween!

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Dem Bones

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In keeping with the Halloween season and the body/health posts of recent here on Web 2.0 for ESL, the link below is to a nice little video about “Dem Bones,” which identifies and explains the purposes of the bones and joints. The English will be somewhat difficult for beginning ESL students, but see what “body” vocabulary the students do recognize. You can then sing or play the song and have the students point to the bones. Later, they can sing along with you while pointing to the appropriate bones. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!


Using Halloween and Disney’s Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance, a 1929 Disney Short, to improve language skills

1. Tell the story showed in this Disney cartoon from 1929.
2. Brainstorm 10 different verbs you can use to explain the actions in this classic cartoon.
3. List 10 different nouns that you see in this cartoon.
4. How many different adjectives and adverbs can you use to describe what you see in this cartoon.
5. What colors would you add to colorize the different items in this cartoon?
6. Write 10 different questions to ask about what you see in this video.
7. What is your favorite Disney cartoon? character? Why?
8. Have you visited Disneyland or Disney World? Write a paragraph about your visit there.
9. What do you know about Walt Disney? Do some research to tell us about his life.
10. Investigate some of the changes that have been made to the Disney Corporation since Walt Disney died, or haven’t there been any changes?

A “Thriller” of a Listening Activity using Google Docs Forms

Just in time for Halloween, a remake of a listening activity for ESL/EFL students of an old favorite, Thriller, by Michael Jackson.  Start the video, then click on the correct lyrics in the listening exercise below it.  Happy haunting, and happy Halloween!

A “Thriller” of a Halloween Listening Exercise for ESL

ESL students, this Halloween, enjoy Michael Jackson’s  “Thriller” on YouTube (above).  Then, do the cloze exercise on Google Docs Forms.  Use the tab key to move your cursor from question to question on the quiz.  Be sure to fill in all the required information indicated by the asterisk (*).  You will get a response indicating which answers you and other respondents got correct.  This exercise isn’t easy!  You may need to listen to the song several times before you’re sure you’ve understood the correct word.  But, don’t worry!  It’s all good practice!

Have a happy and thrilling Halloween everyone!

Teachers, one of the issues I've had with Google Docs Forms is
that the spreadsheet created in Google Docs as an answer sheet
does not keep up with the reorganization of test questions
often done during editing.  It neither eliminates a question
you may have omitted from the quiz, nor does it move questions
to different columns following the order you decide on in the
quiz. It also doesn't allow you to cut and paste the columns
yourself.  This means that the answers are not necessarily
on the spreadsheet in the same order as are the respective
questions on the form you've created. Fortunately, the
answers submitted do go in the correct column so it isn't
a terribly serious issue.  It makes checking the answers
a bit more clumsy, however. The next time I use Google Docs
Forms, I'll plan on doing all editing on a Google Document
prior to making the Form. Once I am sure of the order I
want my questions in, I will then transfer them to a form
and avoid "confusing the spreadsheet!"

A reminder that WordPress.com does not yet allow a Google
Docs Form to be embedded.

For more links regarding Google Docs Forms, click on
A great movie trailer for Halloween, “The Others,” with comprehension quiz on Google Doc Forms!

In keeping with the Halloween “spirits…”

DRACULA…here are some Dracula jokes!

Q.  Where does Count Dracula usually eat his lunch?
A.  At the casketeria.

Q.  Why did Dracula take cold medicine?
A.  To stop his coffin.

Q.  Why isn’t Dracula married?
A.  He never met a nice ghoul.

Borrowed from Page-A-Day Calendar 2009

For more information about Dracula by Bram Stoker, see http://www.shmoop.com/dracula/

Teaching Sites about Halloween

Resources for teaching about Halloween from Larry Ferlazzo   http://is.gd/3LsnY