Digital Differentiation for Teaching & Learning

Digital Differentiation is an incredibly rich article by Susan Oxnevad in her blog, Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners. It is full of links to help us find the tools we need to provide our students with varied learning experiences for their individual needs using 21st century learning technology. Thanks for sharing, Susan! For more cool tools, please visit Susan’s blog.

Individualized Instruction Model for Adult ESL

New Tech Tools in Classroom Can Be a Game Changer is an article from the 10-2-11 Miami Herald  that calls for innovation in the way our schools deliver instruction.  This article can’t help but excite even the complacent.   But, how can we use the Khan model to develop individualized instruction for our adult ESL students?  Our budgets are shrinking, our student-teacher ratios growing, classroom space for our courses diminishing, our student population increasing, and student availability on campus is decreasing. More and more of our students have access to technology at home, so developing a blended course with face-to-face time followed by online instruction would seem  ideal particularly for those students coming to us with higher levels of education.   Are there currently such models for individualizing instruction for large numbers of adult ESL students available now? Self-correcting programs that assist in this individualization are critical because of burgeoning numbers of students, many of them striving to get into college-level programs TOMORROW!   What computer programs do you know of that would facilitate this type of individualized instruction for large numbers of adult ESL students?

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