Should Beginning Teachers Have a Mentor? Your Opinion, Please.

Teachers, do you believe new teachers would benefit from having a mentor or coach during their first year of teaching? Please take this very short survey. I will post the results once I get a good sample.  Take Our Survey!

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Using the Prepositions “In,” “On,” and “At”

This Google Slides presentation for ESL/ELT is a compilation of information on the uses of the prepositions “in,””on,” and “at.” The presentation of the grammar points is followed by exercises utilizing the interactive app called Polldaddy, which displays the students’ responses immediately. These exercises are to be done as a group giving the students opportunities for discussion and questions. At the end of the presentation is an online quiz also via Polldaddy, which gives the participants immediate feedback.

To view the presentation, click on the Google Slides link in the bottom right-hand corner of the presentation image below, and then, when it opens,  click “Present.” On the Polldaddy slides, students must select their answer, and then click on “Vote.” To continue with the next question, click on the “Using the Preposition…” tab in your browser. (I recommend using Google Chrome for this presentation.)

To take the quiz, click on “Take Our Quiz!” under the presentation below. The students will receive their percentage correct as soon as they finish the quiz.