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A Day of Rest
Where does a day of rest—a sabbath—fit in a busy academic life? Various members of the team (and friends) reflect on what sabbath means for them.

Backing Up Google Docs with Insync

It seems my brain must be on high alert in the middle of the night because that’s when I wake up processing “unresolved issues.”  This morning I woke up processing an unresolved issue I didn’t even know I had!  I woke up realizing that I hadn’t backed up any of my attendance rosters, all of which were on Google Docs!  What if they disappeared?  What if Google went down?  Etc.  The thought of backing up my Google Docs, I’m embarrassed to say, hadn’t even occurred to me–at least not that I can consciously remember (oh, dear…) until about 3:00 this morning!  A serious oversight I know…clouds dissipate.

But, a funny thing happened this afternoon. I received an email advising me that there was a new post on ProfHacker by Ryan Cordell titled Backup Google Documents with Insync.  Divine providence?  Intuition?  Telepathy?  Luck?  Anyway, I immediately downloaded the free Insync software and signed into my new account using my Google information.  Within a minute or two, I had a back up of all my docs including those shared with me.  Another attribute of Insync is that, according to Cordell, it “…works in both directions—new documents added online are downloaded to your hard drive, and documents added to the synced folder are uploaded to Google Docs.”  What could be better?  Well, a comment left for Cordell by one of his readers was that Syncdocs is another good program to try for backing up your Docs.  There is a free download of that program, but it encourages us to buy it for $1.66 a month.  For now, I’ll see how Insync works.  I haven’t seen anywhere that they’re asking me for money, so that is the program I will be inviting my Google Doc fan-friends to try.