Teaching the history of Thanksgiving with Pear Deck

Click on the picture for a very complete lesson from Pear Deck, which teaches the history of Thanksgiving while developing all the major language skills. Many of the writing exercises could be done orally individually or with partners.


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore


Twas the Night Before Christmas

Read the Words

Read the Words is a nifty little website that does what its name says, it reads the words. Paste a block of text in the frame, choose a voice, accent, and a customized avatar, and then click on the audio.  You can control the speed of the voice as well.

When you’re done, you can e-mail the audio or embed it in a web page.  This could be a great help to ESL students who understand the spoken word fairly well, but are having difficulties reading.

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Thirteenth Edition ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnivals

This posting from ELL Classroom is rich with links to some of the best ESL blogs out there.  These blogs are must reads for ESL teachers of all levels and ages.