My Family’s Thanksgiving Celebration

For beginning level students, a Google Slide presentation of regular verb activities we do to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family. (You might want to add a slide, “We watch football games!) Use the language prompts to generate conversation. (Who cooks at your house? Do you cook? What do you cook? Does your husband cook? What does he cook? Do your children cook, too? What do they cook? What time do you cook? Etc. Don’t forget to have your students ask you questions.  (Be sure to include negative questions and responses as well as short answers to the students’ questions.)

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

My Thanksgiving Tribute to Technology

I am grateful for…

  1. …Facebook, Skype, email and instant messaging which have made communication with my friends and family wherever they are fun, cheap, and easy. No more goodbyes but rather “talk to you soon!”
  2. …Google for giving me access to all the information I could possibly need or want, and for making it easier and easier to find the answers to my questions.
  3. …storage clouds like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive for helping me to keep my computer clean and share information with family and colleagues easily.
  4. …iTunes, Pandora, and YouTube for free access to my musical life support.
  5. …Snapchat for showing me the silly side of my adult children.
  6. …iMovie for helping me make movies I am proud of without a great deal of technical knowledge.
  7. …iPhone for letting me carry my computer and data with me wherever I go, and for waking me up on time!
  8. …Prezi and Power Point for being the tools I use most for my presentations, and Pear Deck and Nearpod for making my presentations more accessible and interactive for my students.
  9. …Twitter and my ever-growing and ever-changing PLN for being constant sources of information and professional development.
  10. And lastly, I am grateful for my family and their patience and encouragement as I learn to use the new technologies and share what I learn with my local and global colleagues and students.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Teaching the history of Thanksgiving with Pear Deck

Click on the picture for a very complete lesson from Pear Deck, which teaches the history of Thanksgiving while developing all the major language skills. Many of the writing exercises could be done orally individually or with partners.


A Fun, Easy, and Happy Thanksgiving Song

One last thing to help you celebrate Thanksgiving…my favorite Thanksgiving song, which in its own way reminds us not to take life too seriously.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Using Thanksgiving Humor to Teach Language & Culture

Thanksgiving moo

turkey estate




These cartoons are great for eliciting conversation with the high-intermediate and advanced students and for gaining insights into their cultural awareness.  Why do the students think these cartoons are humorous to Americans?  Would they be equally funny in other cultures? Are they offensive in any way?  Are they relevant to any current issues in the world?  If so, do they express a viewpoint? What can they imagine might have happened prior to the event in each picture?  What might have followed?  Might there be a different punch line?  Are the cartoons absurd or realistic?  Why are they connected to the Thanksgiving holiday?  Elaborate.  What would the students suggest as an idea for a cultural cartoon?

waveturk02Happy Thanksgiving!


This post is shared by jagsombrero and designed to help people new to the United States understand this beautiful American holiday called Thanksgiving.  It includes a bit of history, photos of many of our traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu items (which make lovely leftovers), and a few of the activities that we enjoy before and after dinner such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the football games that have also become a part of our traditions.  Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest shopping day of the year for people to get special sale prices and a head start on their holiday gift shopping.  A heated topic this year is whether stores should be open for shopping on Thanksgiving evening. Many people argue that Thanksgiving is a family holiday that should be celebrated at home, while others believe that people should have the option to go out shopping if they desire.  For more on that, see Today.

Thank you to jagsombrero for sharing this presentation.

For some delicious Thanksgiving recipes, visit Pinterest.